12-volt battery carrier
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If you use small 12 volt hobby batteries then you need this carrier. NOTE- this sale DOES NOT include the battery. It makes it much easier to transport your battery to the launch site. It's made of waterproof and durable polyester-faced fabric with a PVC backing. This is perfect for using your battery outdoors and setting it on the ground.


TARC teams love this product as they typically have to fly their rockets throughout the winter time.


There's a Velcro clasp that holds your battery in place, and a strong webbing handle. One installed, you can just keep your battery stored inside the carrier and still have access to the battery contacts.


It fits the 'typical' 12v batteries used for hobbies. The typical battery measures about 5-3/4" long by 3-5/8" tall and 2-1/2" wide. We can make carriers in other sizes too. Just contact us for details.


This carrier, along with our Dino Pad, makes the perfect setup for launching in adverse weather.

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12-volt battery carrier

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