Altimeter pouch- PerfectFlite Pnut
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This vinyl protective pouch was designed by use to fit the PerfectFlite Pnut* altimeters, though other altimeters may also fit. Just contact us for other brands.

This pouch securely holds your altimeter inside during use and protects it against ejection charge gasses. You might notice a slight buildup of ejection charge residue on your altimeter during normal use. If you use cellulose 'dog barf' insulation for protection then your altimeter is likely to get dusty. This pouch is designed to prevent buildup of these materials on your altimeter.

It can be cleaned simply by wiping with clean water in case you get any dirt or mud on it from your rocket's landing.

This pouch comes with a piece of aramid cord that gets routed through the pouch and also through the tether attachment point on your altimeter. This provides a very secure attachment of the altimeter to your recovery system. Once attached, the altimeter can be slid out of the pouch for operation while still being attached to your shock cord or nose cone.

The Pnut has been produced in at least two versions, both of which fit inside this pouch. The hole is punched in the center bottom of the pouch and one version of the Pnut has a hole in the circuit board near its outside edge. You'll find that it will take less than a minute to intially thread the stiff end of the supplied Kevlar through the pouch in sort of a sideway's motion in order to get it through the circuit board mounting hole that won't be lined up with the hole in the pouch. Once you've done that, you'll find that the altimeter can easily be slid in and out of the pouch while attached to the Kevlar cord despite the holes not being in perfect alignment.


*please note that we make accessories that fit other companies products, and our company is not associated with PerfectFlite.


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Altimeter pouch- PerfectFlite Pnut

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