AltimeterTwo data collection cards (Qty. 20)
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These are data collection cards for the Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo to be used with the Dino Chutes, Inc. Protector Pouch.

This is a data collection form (2 on each page) that allows you to record the data that is reported for the 10 fields reported by the Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo. Each field on the form also includes an abbreviated identifier which corresponds to the older generation AltimeterTwo product. So regardless of when your bought your AltimeterTwo, this card includes the appropriate data collection fields.

Two data collection forms are printed on each side of the 5" x 7" cards so that you can capture data from a total of 80 different flights. Cards are printed on card stock with a matte finish that takes ink nicely.

As you view the product images above, you can click one more time for a zoomed-in view so that you can see the form more clearly.

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AltimeterTwo data collection cards (Qty. 20)

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