Chute Release protector
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This is a flame resistant protector pouch for the very popular Chute Release product sold by Jolly Logic. You can protect your Chute Release while in use. This gives you extra peace of mind by protecting your Chute Release from stray ejection charges that get past your main chute protection. It's open on the top where the Chute Release pin and band go around your parachute, so our protector offers as much protection as practicable. It's also useful once your rocket lands on the ground and gets dragged by the wind. No need to scratch up your Chute Protector's face.

It's constructed from flame resistant fabric with a hook and loop closure strap that goes under the tether strap of the Chute Release. It is an orange color fabric. This bright color makes it easier to find your Chute Release in the grass in case it becomes disconnected from your rocket.

The amount of labor that goes into a small pouch such as this is more than you might think. We feel the price is reasonable considering the labor, and hope you agree.


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Chute Release protector

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