Dino Blanket
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This is a Nomex ground cover blanket used to protect the turf from exhaust blast. It is intended to be used under your launch pad. Many landowners are now requiring such protection.

This is a tough blanket that measures 5' x 5' and is 1/8" thick. This is NOT the same thin Nomex fabric that the typical parachute protector uses. Be sure to compare the thickness of our blanket when comparing to other brands. Ours is really heavy duty. It comes with high quality grommets installed at each corner and in the middle of each side to assist you with keeping it attached to the ground. You'll have to provide your own spikes.

It does a reasonable job of absorbing water, so you can dampen it for further protection.

The edges of this blanket are serged using Nomex thread.

An optional storage pouch is available for an additional $5.00. Just choose it using the drop down box when you place your order.

This blanket is available in custom sizes. Please contact us if you need a size other than this 5' x 5' size.

This is a heavy item requiring a large box. The actual shipping costs will depend on the shipping method as well as your actual location. Our shipping cost calculator isn't sophisticated enough to automatically calculate those costs. We've sent one blanket for as low as $15 with parcel service and the cost can go higher if you desire Priority Mail. You can contact us prior to placing an order for a blanket(s) and we can discuss the shipping options prior to you ordering. Thank you.

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Dino Blanket

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