Dino Chutes 36" Helicopter Parachute
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The Dino Chutes Helicopter Parachute is a novel design that provides a very dramatic descent with its spinning profile. Your rockets will definitely get noticed when using this parachute!

Constructed of pastel yellow and orange micro squared ripstop nylon fabric. Comes with a swivel already attached at the bottom to aid in keeping the main riser line from getting twisted. This parachute has a quite complex rigging setup that you probably wouldn't have much fun sewing yourself :)

Vortex type parachutes like this design provide some advantages over the typical hexagonal or octagonal shaped parachutes.

 -they generally are considered to have a higher drag coefficient than polygonal parachutes with the same amount of area.

-they pack much smaller than polygonal parachutes that provide the same drag, thus you’ll have more room in your rocket.

-the opening shock is much less than a polygonal shaped parachute.

-finally, these types of parachutes are very stable which means that there is typically much less oscillation than polygonal parachutes.

There is excellent information on these parachutes in Apogee's Peak of Flight Newsletters. Please see issues #492, #493, and #496 available here.

These are reported in Apogee's Peak of Flight Newsletters to have drag coefficients that are double that of a comparable sized polygonal parachute. Their test flights confirmed that, while our test flights showed lower drag coefficients. So we'd suggest initially using this in any rocket where you would normally use a 30-36" octagonal parachute, then checking your descent rate to verify its performance.

It is a little tricky to fold this sort of parachute because you need to be careful of the openings in between the gores so that nothing gets twisted up. But we’ve found it’s quite easy if you are careful. We’ve also done our best to reinforce the top section of the parachute where the two separate panels overlap. The section shouldn’t get much force applied to it because it doesn’t have a lot of surface area. But be sure to inspect it before every flight because a failure in that area would likely result in your parachute turning into a streamer.




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Dino Chutes 36" Helicopter Parachute

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