Dino Pad
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The Dino Pad measures 18" by 18" and is made of a waterproof fabric. It has durable brass grommets on all four corners and comes with 4 galvanized spikes that get pushed through the grommets in order to secure it to the ground. This is especially helpful when flying on those cold and wet blustery days.

These Dino Pads can be overlapped with each other in order to create a larger protected surface. We also can provide Dino Pads in custom larger sizes upon request. Simply contact us for details.

This product was designed to be lightweight and pack in a small pouch. Please do not try to remove the spikes from the ground by pulling directly on the Dino Pad itself. Instead, remove the spikes by themselves by pulling them out of the ground with your hand. The Dino Pad will provide you with long life doing it this way.


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Dino Pad

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