Dino Wadding Bag
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Mid-power rockets with larger body tubes require more protective parachute wadding than smaller rockets. It's for this reason that most people start using another product other than the typical sheet sized recovery wadding. Most end up using cellulose insulation that is available in bundles from the big box hardware stores. It's inexpensive and very effective against the hot ejection gasses and particles that can scorch your parachute.

This pouch has been designed to be a storage pouch for this insulation that is affectionately referred to as "dog barf" by rocketeers. This pouch will hold about 35 grams worth of insulation which should be enough for at least two flights of a rocket that is built using a BT-70 (2.25") body tube.

This was initially designed for TARC teams who are engaged in competition rocketry where the proper weight of their rocket is really critical. TARC teams will find this to be a very easy way to store an exact amount of dog barf in order to ensure they are pouring the proper amount into their body tube for each flight. It is recommended to use two of these bags for each launch session so that you have a precise amount of dog barf for two additional flights, other than your first flight that can be prepped in advance.

The pouch is constructed of durable Cordura fabric with a ripstop nylon interior. There are two nylon webbing straps that secure the fold-over lid to keep the insulation contained. These straps were used in lieu of Velcro because the insulation tends to clog up the Velcro and prevent it from fastening down securely.

It is recommended that you break up any clumps of insulation with your fingers prior to inserting it into the bag so that it will pour out smoothly. The flap can be opened and formed into a trough sort of shape so that you can easily pour the insulation into your body tube.

When you are first testing out a rocket then you might not be sure how much insulation to use. This pouch comes with an exterior windowed pocket that contains a note card that can be written on. TARC teams will find this to be an easy way to initially keep track of the various amount of insulation that they are testing on their flights.

Alternatively, this pouch can simply be filled to capacity and used as a general storage pouch for the insulation without respect to how much it weighs.

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Dino Wadding Bag

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