GARAGE SALE- 12" X-form parachute
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This is a great deal. One of the shroud lines has a subtle stain on it. You'll have too look for it in order to even find it, but we're picky about quality.

X-form parachutes tend to provide a more stable descent as compared to the typical hexagon parachutes. They can also twist a little bit upon descent, so a swivel type attachment is recommended for the larger sizes. An x-form parachute also tends to pack more tightly than a comparable hexagon shaped parachute because there's less fabric overall.

These parachutes are sized according to the length of the rectangular sections. So an 18" x-form parachute has both rectangles being 18" in length. The width of the rectangular sections is 1/3 of the length. So a 18" x-form parachute has rectangular sections that are 6" in width.

These are constructed with one piece of fabric which provides much less bulk as compared to other brands where two rectangles are sewn over each other. These come with looped shroud lines sewn at the end of each panel.

  • Item #: GAR- 12"xstainedline

GARAGE SALE- 12" X-form parachute

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