GARAGE SALE- Dog Barf Pouch for TARC teams- 2 pack
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Rocket enthusiasts will often times use shredded cellulouse house insulation to protect their rocket's parachute from the motor's ejection charge blast. This insulation material is fondly referred to as "dog barf".

The actual amount of insulation that gets poured into the rocket's airframe can be a very important consideration for rocketeers who are using their rocket for competition purposes. One such event is the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC). TARC competitors attempt to reach a specific altitude with their rocket, so the weight of their rocket needs to be precisely controlled. Putting in too much, or too little insulation will change the weight of the rocket, resulting in missing the target altitude.

The difficulty with weighing the insulation at the flying field is that this clumpy and dusty material blows around in the wind. It's difficult to handle while keeping it all together. This pouch allows the competitor to weigh their insulation in the windless environment of an indoor location. Once at the flying field, the insulation can simply be poured out of the pouch and into the rocket's airframe. The open flap of this pouch can be squeezed from its sides so that it curves into a trough shape for easy pouring.

The pouch has been designed without any bulky seams that would impede the flow of the insulation out of the bag. And the pouch gets secured with a tie strap rather than Velcro which would stick to the insulation. The photo above shows a sample amount of insulation in the bag for illustration purposes, but no insulation material is supplied with it.

There's a plastic window on the outside of the pouch that secures a note card. The actual weight of the insulation can be written on the note card.

This competitive tool is one that was designed and used by a TARC team that achieved 10th place in the finals and went and participated in NASA's Student Launch initiative.

This sale consists of two pouches for a great price of only $14.99. We're discontinuing this product, so if you are a TARC team member then you might want to buy 2 of these packages so that you'll have 4 pouches available for multiple rocket flights.


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GARAGE SALE- Dog Barf Pouch for TARC teams- 2 pack

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