GARAGE SALE- Storage pouch for small electronics (small)
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We've discontinued this product so we're offering our remaining inventory at 50% off!!

This is a small storage pouch that is available it two widths. This item in the garage sale is for the smaller width (narrow) and is for small altimeters like the Jolly Logic series of altimeters. You can protect your altimeter when not using it, and the snap link allows you to attach this to your belt loop so that you don't lose your electronic device.

It's made of a soft outer fabric with a satin lining and an interior hook and loop closure.

It is also useful for storing other small devices such as altimeters, small onboard cameras, and memory cards.

This pouch measures approximately 1-1/2" x 3-1/4". The amount of labor that goes into a small lined pouch such as this is more than you might think. We feel the price is reasonable considering the labor, and hope you agree. The style of snap link and colors used may vary from what is in the photo.

  • Item #: GAR-devicepouch

GARAGE SALE- Storage pouch for small electronics (small)

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