Guide Chute- multiple sizes
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This is what we call a guide parachute. It was designed to work with the Jolly Logic Chute Release device. The colors of your Guide Chute may vary from what is in the photo above.

The Guide Chute is not intended to be a primary parachute. It was designed to 'guide' your rocket's descent while it's falling with your main parachute being bundled by the Jolly Logic Chute Release product.

The Chute Release keeps your main parachute from deploying until it descends to a predetermined altitude. Our guide chute is intended to be deployed during the time your rocket is descending from apogee. It basically helps your rocket descend a little slower and keeps it from drifting too far.

The Chute Release is a fantastic product that has made dual deployment much easier for us rocketeers. However, it’s hard to get used to a rocket falling out of the sky while the main parachute is tightly bundled, while anxiously awaiting the deployment of that main parachute. Our guide chute will make that descent much slower and take your anxiety away.

Our guide chute is NOT intended to be used as a drogue chute. That’s because our guide chute is a low drag type of parachute and won’t do a good job of ‘pulling’ your main parachute out of your airframe. The Guide Chute, being low drag, takes about 2-4 seconds to fully deploy.

Each size of Guide Chute is constructed as a truncated cone. Our sizing represents the height of the cone before it's truncated. Both sizes of Guide Chutes are truncated (cut off) about 5" below their stated size. Colors may vary. If you need specific color(s), then please contact us, but the lead time may be at least a week.

The guide chute is perfect for use with the Chute Release and a much better choice than using a drogue chute. A drogue chute is typically overbuilt for this type of use and it will also drift farther than our guide chute.

Our guide chute packs nice and tight so that it can be installed right below your nose cone and not take up a lot of space. There are also only four shroud lines. Four works just fine and minimizes the chances of tangling as compared to having more shroud lines.

Like any recovery device, you need to do some preliminary testing to see what size of Guide Chute will work for you. We've had good results using the 24" Guide Chute on rockets up to about 2 pounds. We've used the 36" Guide Chute on 3 pound rockets with good results and would expect the 36" size to at least handle a 4 pound rocket. An SLI team used our 36" Guide Chute on a 20-pound rocket and were very pleased with it. It succesfully deployed and managed a straight descent of their rocket. Anything larger than that, you'll need to try it out or contact us to get a custom size.


RockSim data- if you use RockSim then you might notice that Apogee included our parachutes in their parts database. It appears that the technical characteristics for our parachutes is not correct. Please do not use this data in RockSim.

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Guide Chute- multiple sizes

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