Petal Protector 4"
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We've redesigned these to be made entirely out of the 1/8" thick Nomex material. The bottom of this protector consists of a 1/8" thick round piece as well as the 1/8" thick bottom of the petal section, creating a 1/4" thickness of Nomex for protection!

This is a Nomex protector pouch for your parachute that conforms to the inside of your body tube. This size fits the typical 4" size body tube. The lower portion of the protector consists of a pouch that holds your parachute inside. The upper section consists of six flaps in a petal arrangement that conform to the interior of your body tube to block ejection charge gasses and particles that can otherwise burn your parachute.

For smaller parachutes, the flaps can be folded over the top for additional protection. For larger parachutes, the flaps can remain upright and should still provide burn protection, but you'll need to do some ground testing to be sure. In any event, we always recommend the use of some cellulose building insulation (aka- dog barf) below the protector for additional protection.

This pouch is made of Nomex fabric with a thicker Nomex patch on the bottom for additional protection. The edges are serged with Nomex thread, and the rest of the construction is with Kevlar thread. This pouch is not intended to provide any structural support for your recovery system. The sewn buttonhole is only intended as a place to route your shock cord through so that the protector remains secured to your rocket. The buttonhole can be cut with a small slit for thin shock cords, or cut large enough to accomodate up to 1" wide webbing.


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Petal Protector 4"

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