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The Dino Chutes Protector Pouch is a pouch that protects your printed contents from the elements. The pouch is constructed from water resistant fabric and comes with a pen as well as 15 cards (5" x 7" in size). You have the option of choosing either "checklist" cards, or data collection cards for the Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo altimeter. Please see the photos above for the appearance of each type of card.

When you place your order, choose which style (Checklist OR AltimeterTwo) of printed cards you would like in the drop down box above. You can then order additional cards, of either type (Checklist OR AltimeterTwo), from the links at the bottom of the page.

Checklist cards- Each checklist card is printed on both sides so that you can create a total of 30 different checklists. If you launch any sort of complex rocket, or even a simple one, you undoubtedly are familiar with the benefit to having a printed checklist so that you don't forget to do any important tasks prior to launching your rocket. We launch rockets outdoors and the environment isn't always friendly to our equipment. This water resistant pouch helps keep your checklist from getting damaged from the elements. It can also be used as a generic checklist for any other tasks you may need to accomplish.

AltimeterTwo data cards- Each AltimeterTwo data collection card includes space to record data from the 10 different outputs generated by the AltimeterTwo. This makes it easier to analyze your data because you'll have it in print rather than stored just inside the altimeter. There is space to record two flights worth of data on each side of the card. So the 15 cards included with your order can record 60 flights worth of data.

The pouch is also useful for storing any other sort of printed material inside such as receipts, meal tickets needed at rocket events, and identification materials such as your NAR or Tripoli membership cards. You can arrive at the launch check-in table with all the printed materials you need- safely stored in one place.

The pouch also provides some additional weight which helps keep it from blowing away in the wind and provides more “visibility” when packing your equipment to go to a launch.

You can store the extra checklist cards in the pouch which makes it stiff enough to use as a writing surface.

See below for purchasing additional Checklist Cards or AltimeterTwo cards.

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Protector Pouch

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