Shock cord Armor
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The shock cord Armor is a heavy duty shock cord protector with a tongue that holds it securely to your quick link. There are two straps that hold the tongue in place. This has been designed to be used with shock cords in the range of 1/2" to 1" wide.  The protector is constructed of 1/8" thick Nomex which is much thicker that the typical material used for shock cord protectors. All sewing is done with Kevlar thread.

The thinner shock cord protectors, that we also sell, are oftentimes difficult to install because there's no easy way to connect them inside your rocket where your shock cord gets connected. The shock cord Armor product has a tongue that wraps around the quick link as well as the knot in your shock cord. This provides superior protection right where it's needed most. You can also wrap some layers of masking tape around the Armor if you need additional protection.

This product is 24" long once installed. It's primary use is to provide adequate protection near the motor mount where it's needed the most. If you desire protection for a longer section of your shock cord then we suggest that you also use a supplemental shock cord protector of the normal variety that is made of the thinner Nomex. You can simply slide that over your shock cord and attach it to the top of the shock cord Armor. We don't suggest using more than 24" of shock cord Armor because it is a thick product that will take up too much space in your airframe.

We feel that this product is fairly priced. It uses expensive Nomex fabric that is very tough on our industrial cutting tools and machines becasue we're sewing through about 1/4" worth of thickness of this material. The edges are serged with three stitches of Kevlar thread, then bar-tacked on the lose end. That's a lot of expensive thread, and labor costs are quite high with the slower sewing speeds used with these heavy duty materials. This product will be in your rocket long after your thinner Nomex products have been well scorched.

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Shock cord Armor

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