Shock cord Bumper- small
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The Bumper is Nomex protector that wraps around the shock cord of a rocket. It provides cushioning in order to minimize the possibility of "zippering" the airframe when the shock cord gets pulled against it during ejection.

The Bumper also provides protection for the shock cord itself when it gets pulled against a composite airframe made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. That sort of action can cut the shock cord during ejection.

The Bumper is about 3.25" tall which allows plenty of height so that the center of the Bumper can be lined up right where it hits the airframe of your rocket.

There's a reinforced strap inside the Bumper that the shock cord get tied to. The entire assembly gets rolled up and secured with two Velcro straps. Once it's installed, it is pretty much maintenance free other than making sure that the knot that is tied to the strap stays tight.

The interior strap will accomodate up to a 1/2" piece of tubular webbing. The entire Bumper was designed to be used in body tubes down to 2.6" in diameter. It's perfect for 2.6" and 3" airframes. Anything smaller and it's not likely that you'll be able to get your fingers inside the body tube to secure the lower Velcro strap. The entire assembly only weighs a little more than 8 grams so that it can be used on smaller rockets.


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Shock cord Bumper- small

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