Shock cord protectors
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NOMEX fabric shock cord protector that simply slides over your existing shock cord. Constructed with NOMEX thread (thread and fabric color may vary.)

There are two lengths and three widths are available.

The narrowest size has an interior width of about 3/4" and is meant for most sizes of Kevlar cord rather than webbing. This small size is available in two lengths- 29" or 60" long.

The larger size has an interior widith of about 1" and is meant for using with webbing up to about 3/4" in width. This larger size of shock cord protector is available in two lengths- 29" or 60" long.

Finally, there is the largest size which is about 1-1/2" wide with an interior sleeve of slightly more than one inch so that 1" wide webbing will fit inside. This too is available in two lengths- 30" or 60" long. Please note that our shopping cart feature isn't too sophisticated, so please just choose the 29" length option if you want the 30" with this 1-1/2" width and we'll be sure to ship you the 30" length.

These protectors can be cut down by the user if required. Just be sure to put some epoxy on the cut end in order to keep the fabric from fraying. We use these ourselves by cutting the protector length then securing it to the front centering ring with epoxy.

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Shock cord protectors

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