Shock cord protectors

We offer a variety of products to protect your shock cords.

Our shock cord Armor product represents the ultimate in shock cord protection by using thick Nomex to protect your shock cord right near where the motor ejection occurs.

We also offer a line of fire-resistant sleeve type protectors. These are the more common protectors used in the typical rocket. Meanwhile, we are discontinuing our line of Nomex sleeve protectors because they will be replaced by the fire-reistant ones. So you can find the Nomex versions at 50% off by clicking here.

We also have our Bumper products that product your shock cord from getting damaged from your rocket's airframe. Those can be viewed here.

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Shock cord Armor Shock cord protector sleeve- two lengths
Shock cord ArmorShock cord protector sleeve- two lengths

The shock cord Armor is a heavy duty shock cord protector with a tongue that holds it securely to your quick link. The protector is constructed of 1/8" thick Nomex which is much thicker that the typical material used for shock cord protectors....

Shock cord protector.