Storage pouches

We have a variety of high quality storage pouches for your recovery gear.

The ripstop storage pouches were designed to store our line of parachutes. The small pouch will hold up to an 18" parachute while the larger pouch is for parachutes above that size. If you own a lot of parachutes then these are a great way to keep them from getting tangled together when they're stored in a box.

The altimeter storage pouch was designed for TARC teams who might own numerous altimeters and cables and want a neat way to store them.

Our Dino Pad storage pouch stores on Dino Pad along with the ground spikes to secure it.

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Large storage pouch Dino Pad storage pouch
Large storage pouchDino Pad storage pouch

Large ripstop nylon storage pouch with Velcro closures.

Storage pouch for Dino Pad.