What is a serged hem?

 Our parachutes and streamers come with serged hems. A serged hem consists of having three separate threads wrapped around the fabric edge so that it doesn't fray. This gives you a backup in case any of the individual threads become broken or burned during deployment. Be sure to insist of a three-thread serged hem which is more durable than a two-thread serged hem.

Compare this to the more popular hemmed edge from other suppliers where the fabric is simply folded over onto itself and sewn with a zig-zag stitch. If that single row of stitching gets broken then your parachute's hem will start to unravel. A hemmed edge is also twice as thick as a serged hem because of the folded fabric, and that's not a good thing when it comes to folding your parachute so that it will fit into your body tube.

If serged hems are superior then why aren't they more popular? It's simple- an industrial serger is an expensive machine, so most small parachute companies aren't likely to own more than one machine. The companies making folded-hemmed parachutes can sew theirs using inexpensive sewing machines and that allows them to "hire out" the sewing operation to anyone who owns a sewing machine. Consequently, they're able to produce more parachutes using outside labor despite being lower quality. Two-thread serger machines are also much cheaper than the three-thread versions, so you'll often find two-thread serged seams on lesser quality parachutes as well.

You'll find our parachute and streamer pricing to be very competitive to the hemmed parachutes available elsewhere, and you'll receive a product that is more likely to last longer as a result.