About Us

We provide a 15% discount to TARC teams. Use coupon code "TARC" and be sure to include your TARC team number in the comment field when you place your order. If the mailing address differs from your team's official address then we might contact you to verify eligibility.

The Team American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is a model rocketry contest organized by the National Association of Rocketry and the Aerospace Industries Association. Our company initially got started after creating parachutes and recovery supplies for some local TARC teams. Those teams needed to find a reliable supplier who could provide them their parachutes on short notice. We understand the unique needs of TARC teams. If you've never competed before, then you'll soon realize that your choice of a parachute supplier is an important one.

In the beginning phases of TARC, most teams will be experimenting in order to determine what size parachutes they'll need for their rockets. Many parameters of rocket design will be tested and it's pretty common to need various size parachutes in the beginning of the test flight phase. Once a team decides which parachute size will work best then they'll have a need to quickly place an order for more of that size parachute.

Flying rockets, especially for competition, involves wearing out some equipment. Our parachute protectors will help with substantially reducing the need for replacement parachutes due to burn holes in the canopy. However, reality usually dictates that your parachutes will sometimes suffer damage and need to be replaced. Or else, your duration times will constantly be changing as the holes and repairs in your parachutes end up changing their performance.

Finally, our production method of using serged edges on our parachutes allows us to more easily control the final size of the parachute as compared to using hemmed edges. This allows us to provide you with parachutes that you can rely on to give you consistent performance. All of these factors mean that you need to find a reliable supplier who can quickly get parachutes to you on short notice so that your flight durations can remain consistent. There's nothing worse than getting ready to do your qualification flights only to find out that your existing parachutes are damaged in some way and you need replacement parachutes on short notice.

Our company will be producing the more popular TARC sizes in large quantities so that you can obtain them quickly. However, we still suggest that you plan ahead and order enough parachutes so that you have some backup parachutes on hand rather than always relying upon getting them shipped to you at the last minute. Furthermore, placing your order for parachutes early in the season will help us determine which sizes we need to keep in stock for the majority of the teams.