Shipping situation- We ship via the Post Office because most of our products are very light, and they have the best fees for lighter packages. However, transit times have been extremely unpredictable lately- and tracking has been almost non-existent. So while we ship quickly, we have no control over how long your package may take to get to you. We can ship via UPS but it’s much more expensive. If you prefer UPS shipping then please contact us for a rate quote.



New product- do you use a checklist to make sure you don't forget to bring something to a launch? Or what about a checklist for the steps required to prepare your rocket for flight? If so, then check out our new Checklist Protector Pouch product. We also have optional data collection cards for the Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo altimeter that can be used with the pouch.


Gift Certificates are now available in increments of $10. Great for your rocket buddies!








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